NTDA National Trailer Dealers Association

Kalyn Siebert will be at the NTDA National Trailer Dealers Association, on October 11 - 13 2017, located at the TPC Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, in Ponte Verde Beach, FL.

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Kalyn Siebert Launches VersaMAXX™

Kalyn Siebert Launches VersaMAXX™ – Low-Profile Bus/Large Vehicle Transport and Recovery Trailerheavy-duty trailer manufacturer - Kalyn Siebert has announced production of a new low-profile trailer

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Manufacturing Marvels

Kalyn Siebert featured on Fox Business News Manufacturing Marvels.

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Lubbock Truck Sales Inc.

We have been with Kalyn Siebert since late 1996. I always start by recommending a Kalyn Siebert product to my customers. There are cheaper trailer manufacturers out there, but you get what you pay for. If you want a trailer to do the job and be worth something when you’re done, Kalyn is the choice I recommend. I have many customers who call and only want a Kalyn Siebert trailer. The product holds up to the demands of the industry and still maintains its value.

Kalyn Siebert’s workmanship is first-rate. The finish, paint—I love the way they do it. There are other brands that we don’t sell that are nowhere close. Kalyn’s engineers are sharp and their attention to detail is outstanding. It’s a lasting impression. You can tell they care about what they’re doing—others don’t. They just get them in and get them out. If a customer is going to buy, they need to get their money’s worth.

"If you want a trailer to do the job and be worth something when you’re done, Kalyn is the choice I recommend."

We’re seeing a lot of repeat customers at our dealership—customers will call me and ask to order what they got the last time. They’re very happy with the product. They realize Kalyn Siebert offers a great product. That’s why they come back. I had one customer who purchased a Kalyn Siebert trailer a while back. Before then, he was buying an off-brand trailer. He called me and said, “You were right—you get what you pay for. At the end of the day, I come out ahead with my Kalyn Siebert trailer.”

Customers really do like Kalyn’s product. I haven’t had a warranty claim in years, and that says a lot about the product. Kalyn Siebert builds a superior product. I’ve never thought once about moving away from Kalyn Siebert.

Charlie Swan

Sales Manager

Lubbock Truck Sales, Inc.

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